Where Did We Get the Name “Galen”?

Our firm takes its name from Galen of Pergamon, a Greek physician, writer, medical researcher, surgeon, and philosopher who lived in the second and third century.  He is considered to be one of the most influential and accomplished of all physicians in antiquity and was instrumental in the development of the fields of anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, neurology, and logic.

Galen was the first to identify that there are distinct differences between venous and arterial blood.  He performed a technique for cataract surgery that remains similar to modern approaches.  And his work in anatomy remained unsurpassed until the 16th century.  He was noted for being perpetually inquisitive and his approach stressed independent judgement and empiricism.

Galen of Pergamon fundamentally believed in an interdisciplinary approach.  He regarded medicine as a field that was best practiced by utilizing theory, observation, and experimentation in conjunction.

We at Galen Partners are proud to take many of these same principles – deep healthcare expertise, an inquisitive and empirical approach, independent judgement, and an excellent reputation built over several decades – as we aim to build today’s leading healthcare companies.

  18th-century engraving of Galen by G.P. Busch

18th-century engraving of Galen by G.P. Busch