A Generational Opportunity
in Healthcare

Healthcare stands on the precipice of massive change. 

We believe the healthcare system will undergo a greater transformation during the next 10 years than has been experienced over the last 50 years. Healthcare historically lacked transparency, was less attuned to costs, and focused more on volume than outcomes. Replacing that model will be companies that truly create value within the healthcare system.

Everyone within the healthcare ecosystem — patients, physicians, hospitals, payors, pharma/biotech and medical device companies — will be impacted. 

We believe these changes create a generational opportunity for experienced healthcare entrepreneurs and investors.

We want to be your partner to navigate these changes in this new healthcare world.

Healthcare Focus

We have been exclusively focused on healthcare investing for the last 25 years.  Healthcare is complicated and full of nuance, and we believe that our healthcare-only strategy allows us to understand the landscape, to identify best opportunities, and to help our companies succeed.

Core to our healthcare strategy is to invest in companies that create value within the healthcare system.  We define value as “health outcomes achieved per dollar spent”.  Every company we invest in must either improve health outcomes, lower cost, or both. 

Investment Criteria

Our focus is on healthcare growth equity. 

We believe companies of this size are best positioned to benefit from healthcare’s generational changes, and at a size where we can have the maximum positive impact on their trajectory. 

We invest in proven companies that have repeat customer purchase patterns.  As such, we don’t invest in seed-stage or early venture companies.  Our strength is helping companies to scale and accelerating their growth. 

At the same time, we have utmost respect for the needs of founders and entrepreneurs.  We want to find and back great companies, and we’ll figure out an investment structure that works best for a company’s particular needs. 

Your Partner for Growth

We are passionate about backing great healthcare founders and entrepreneurs and helping them to grow. We call our approach “Collaborative Capital”.

Our Collaborative Capital Approach

  • Growth Strategies

  • Recruiting and Building Teams

  • New Customer Introductions

  • Help with Operational Improvements

  • Forecasting/Budgeting

  • Acquisitions (as Appropriate)

  • Outsourced Business Development

  • Maximizing the Company's Value at Exit